Conditio per quam

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Ilija Barukčić



Despite the fact that orthodox classical logic  is able to deal with the most basic and most-simple laws of objective reality,  ‘non-classical’ logic or probability theory have been fruitfully applied in areas as diverse as philosophy, (quantum) physics and mathematics et cetera too.
At this stage, it seems fair to say that this publication discusses the unification of classical logic and probability theory and attempts to provide a clarification of the material implication (conditio per quam) relationship.
In contrast to classical logic which offers a qualitative (structural) view on objective reality, ‘non-classical’ logic or probability theory is quantitative (numerical) in nature. After all, both are concerned and used to describe the conditio per quam relationship completely.
By integrating the perspectives of qualitative logic and numerical probability theory, the material implication or conditio per quam is reformulated and able to offer highly expressive accounts of inference.

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