General contradiction law

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Ilija Barukčić


Matter and antimatter or in general Xt and Anti Xt as distinguished from each other are at the same time unseparated and inseparable, Xt is equally itself and its other, the Anti Xt. Xt is that what it is, only through its own other, through its own Anti Xt. The Anti Xt of any Xt is as necessary as the latter itself. In so far, Xt is only insofar as its opposite, the Anti Xt is. The transition of one into the other, of Xt into its opposite, into Anti Xt and vice versa is possible. Both are related to another and determinate against one another. Xt and Anti Xt can cancel one another in their relation, thus that the result +Xt + Anti Xt = 0. But there is present in them another basic relation that is indifferent to their opposition itself. This publication will proof, that the relationship between matter and antimatter or in general between Xt and Anti Xt is governed by the general contradiction law which states that

( Xt * ( Anti X ) t ) ≤ Ct ² / 4

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